Welcome to SoftwareResilience.com

My name is Apostolos Kritikos and I am a software engineer and researcher in the fields of Open Source Software and Software Resilience. I am currently a PhD Candidate with the Faculty of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

In 2018 I created this domain hopping to host selected notes and advances of my research. And although I didn’t succeed (until now), I continue my research journey hoping that I will soon be ready to share some interesting information with you.

2020 was THE year to teach us how important the concept of resilience is on a personal, on a professional, on a national / international / global level. It can be equally important and beneficial to software systems which are, by default, dynamically evolving systems, to achieve some level of resilience. I hope that the content I intend to share via this website, trigger a genuine interest to software resilience on both open and inner source software development.

My warmest wishes to you all for health and safety,

Apostolos Kritikos, MSc.